CWS Experiments

Air rocket launcher
Airzooka trash can
Balance fork & wire
Balloon copter
Bean roots cup
Benham’s disc
Bird in the cage quarter
Deep Black box
Blood paper & Capillaries
Borax crystal
Bouncing egg & Fresnell’s laws
Bread & the enzyme amalyze
Breaking pencils with a twist
Bubbles & Thin film interference
Cabbage juice
Celery colors (transpiration)
Chlorophyll extraction & cover a leaf
Coke bottle lung
Color combining spinner
Color wipe out
Corn Insulation bag
De-oxidizing pennies
Diffraction Gratings
Diffusion hot /cold water
Dry ice sublimation experiments
Egg crush
Egg/banana/balloon in bottle
Electric motor, electro-magnet
Electric pickle
Fire organ
Fried ice cream
German pancakes and molecular expansion

Gift wrapping gratings
Glow stick demonstrations
Glowing cartesian
Gold- bronze pennies
Hollow egg
Hovercraft for 800 pounds
Hydrogen balloons
Laser burglar alarm
Laser fountain and internal reflection demo
Laser fun jello etc green laser, balloon
Laser sound transmitter
Lava lamp
Light & Rocks board
Light bulb dissection
Lignum vitae
Magic repellant sand
Magnifying glass
Maple candies
Marshmallow gun (factory built)
Marshmallow gun (mini)
Mica rock
Milk and polar molecules
Monochromatic light
Multi-density liquids and refraction
Neodymium magnet kit
Nickel bubbles
Nintinol wire
Oil Suspensions
Osmosis bag
Peacock feather interference (Isaac Newton’s)
Peanut plant Cotyledon leaves
Pencil lead light bulbs
Pinhole camera
Polymer Snow
Rainbow mirror
Refraction poly-beads

Ring and chain & eye transmissions
Rocket plane and fluid dynamics
Salt ice castle
Secret message–lemon
Screen bottle
Shell interference
Shells & micro-laminate layers
Six-pitch bottle vibrations
Snow flake designs
Speed of light & chocolate bar
Sputnic urchin
Star ceiling
Steel wool oxidation
String phones (Sound through solids)
Sunflower seeds(Giant)
Sweet potato
Swing cup
Syringes and vacuum chambers
Table cloths & inertia
Thunder can:Sound through solids
Toothpick capillary action star
Tornado vortex tube
Translucent and Opaque mediums
Turkey flipper
Ultraviolet light and rocks
Uranium electron board
UV Beads
UV Light hunt
UV Paper
UV Rocks
UV yellow highlighter
Venus flower basket & fiber-optics
Water bird
Water rocket launcher
Wax drops and polarities
Wind bag,ball & blowers(Bernoulli’s principle)