Teaching Goals of the CWS Curriculum

Science: The Core is the Study of God's Handiwork

Learning Science ought to be the most exciting and meaningful subject ever covered. WHY? Because it primarily the study of the amazing handiwork of God.
Regrettably Science is often not exciting or meaningful. Instead it is dull, unrelatable and difficult, filled with unimportant information and empty vocabulary that are both a great struggle to learn and are quickly forgotten.
Studying what God has made needs to be glorifying to God and worth remembering.
It needs to be challenging yet pleasant and even fun–especially for the youngest children.

The Problem

There are many problems to overcome in remaking the study of God’s creation and its application in the fields of technology and medicine and engineering.
One of the great obstacles is that the Scientific field is so vast. It moves from the study of all realms of life–to the complexities of the earth and all the universe–to the endless intricacies of matter and energy.
The problem of the vastness of science is compounded with the need to make it enjoyable and understandable and recallable for children of all ages.
And with knowledge doubling every year and a half, there’s also the need to know how to study science most effectively & what to study, what are the truly necessary foundations, what are the really exciting gems, and what gives insight and blessing in understanding God.

Using Cross-Wiring to Do what Hasn't been Done Before

If the Crosswired methodology is used and the gems of Science are taught, the study of God’s creation will be the most faith building academic venture ever undertaken. However, the conventional paths and methods utilized to take children through the vast fields of the science do not reach the great potential that is there.
CWS guides your children through the minefields to the true gold. This is both in seeing the glory of God through what He has made and how to navigate though the mazes of Science to give a great understanding of its application in the fields of technology, medicine and engineering.
Our goal here at CWS is to link–to crosswire– all of science together to profoundly show the glory of God. Our prayer is that the Lord would bless YOU through this work.
Begin with a whole new way learning science! You be amazed with what your children AND you learn!