CWS Philosophy

Multi-Age for all the family

CWS is built for families with children of many ages. The curriculum has different components for different age groups and the experiments and activities can be participated in by everyone.
The courses are self-paced and individually tested so all the children in one family can proceed at their own pace.

Sorting the Precious from the Worthless

God is bringing out extraordinary resources from all over the world.. We go everywhere in our pursuit of what glorifies God and what builds love and confidence in Him.
We are eclectic in our methodology, choosing the best of all options for each area covered.
CWS guides the students by CWS material in conjunction with experiments, activities, collections, articles, books, links, websites, dvd resources, audio resources, apps and field trips.
We sort out the precious from the worthless as Scripture speaks of in Jeremiah 15:19, “If you extract the precious from the worthless you will become My spokesman.”

What About Textbooks?

A student can read thousands of great pages without reading a textbook. Reading is good, we just need to be wise in what we read. It’s also important to realize that many involved concepts are learned better from a spoken and visual format in the first exposure.
CS Lewis said he never read once what He wouldn’t read twice. Rather than mastering never-to-be repeated textbooks, part of our curriculum involves building a life-long library of books that are treasures, so good that our children will be able to use them in teaching their own children

Guided Lesson Plans

CWS is an easy curriculum to use. There are 60 UNITS in the year 1 program. Each has its own videos and is tested at the completion of each viewing.
Each UNIT has its own experiments, activities, links, and devotionals. When each UNIT is completed, it is checked off on a master register for parents.

CWS Goals: 1-2 years then 10 years

If a parent wants to make CWS a 2-year curriculum immediately, books are offered in conjunction with the program in the SUPER PAK COMPLETE package. These books along with the current curriculum and activities given in the curriculum will take 2 years to complete.
CWS is currently working on the second year curriculum which is scheduled to be available for Fall 2016. If a parent purchases the SUPER PAK COMPLETE, when Phase 2 of the program is available, there will be 3 years of CWS science curriculum available.
The goal of CWS is to begin with pre-kindergarten and go through 10th grade, with those completing the program being more versed in Biology and Chemistry than first year college students. This would be in a addition to laying a phenomenal foundation for seeing the glory of God through what He has made. AND having lots of fun, blessing and excitement the whole way!