CWS Structure

Daily Schedule

What is the Daily Schedule for CWS?

As we discuss at length in the IN DEPTH, each student’s schedule can vary for each family according to each families needs. However the suggested schedule for the first year program is 2 Units per week, 2 days per Unit, with a daily schedule that looks like this:

•  DAY 1:

  • •  20 min CONCEPT VIDEO and online quiz.
  • •  10 min CWS LINKS.
  • •  20 min CWS SUPPLEMENTS.

•  DAY 2

  • •  10 min CWS LINKS.

If you look at the Sample Lesson, you will see how this works for one Unit. You will see Links we give for children of different ages.  In the Sample Lesson, we also show you how it looks for those who purchase the Super Pak Complete and those who opt to do the suggested Research Report for the supplements for the 2 days that each Unit takes to do.

How Many Units Do We Do A Week?

There are 60 Units for the first year CWS. This is if you do 2 per week, taking 2 days per Unit. This leaves a free month for taking a break or doing one of the many activities we detail in IN DEPTH.

What are the CWS Supplements?

•  This is the you-choose part of the day. You choose according to what works best for you. It can be fully automated or something you participate in with your child.

•  These are activities we give for your child to do in each UNIT.

•  These can include Research Topics, Supplemental Activities, Supplemental Videos or Links, Digging Deepers, and Devotionals.

•  These may include the CWS books in the SUPERPAK COMPLETE package (Or these may be done on Friday).

•  These may also include supplemental material you choose from our list or something you desire that you prefer.

What Do We Do On Fridays?

•  Fridays are the day that you can entirely chose what you want to do.

•  You can have a free day, or catch up on reading from the CWS books.

•  You may watch one of the many video links we supply you.

•  You may add fascinating resources like Jonathan Parks, Character Sketches, Chem 101 or other excellent resources we recommend.

•  You may go on a field trip.

•  You may do extra research.


Can I Use CWS for 2 Full Years Of Science?

Yes.  Purchase the SUPERPAK COMPLETE package with the CWS books and follow the calendar in the Parent Resources section called:   2 YEAR CWS CALENDAR.

Does the eCurriculum Have Built in Testing?

Yes. The testing is not difficult. Your child can watch the videos a second time and with the quiz open can access the teaching video and comb through the video until the answer is found.

What Age Level Is The eCurriculum Designed For?

The EXPERIMENT curriculum, which consists of 100 videos, teaches how to do the at-home experiments available for all three purchase levels and also the STANDARD PAK and the SUPER PAK experiments and activities.  We teach how to do the experiments and activities as well as additional concepts in the subject area.  These videos are usually not too hard to understand. This element of the eCurriculum is meant for all ages from 4 or 5 up.

The CONCEPT curriculum is geared mostly for 8 years old and up.

There is plenty in the 60 UNITS for high schoolers to learn also.

The Digging Deepers are for Junior High to Adult.

We are currently in the planning stages for an eCurriculum just for the pee-wees (ages 4-7).


What Exactly is in the Standard Pak & the Super Pak?

If you are uncertain about whether you want to purchase the PAK and not just the eCurriculum, watch the 10-part video titled “UNBOXING THE PAK COMPLETE” on the CWS Order page, which shows you almost everything in the SUPER PAK. It’s a long set of videos, but we wanted to show you how much you are actually getting. More than one publisher has remarked that the contents of the PAK and SUPER PAK are astonishing. It really is the best deal on the web.

What is the CWS Return Policy?

You may return the PAK for a full refund 15 days after you purchased it if all the components are present and in new condition. You will, however have to pay postage both ways. Our margins are too tight to cover postage if someone decides they do not want the PAK.

What is in the Super Pak and Why Do You Offer It?

The SUPER PAK has 8 items that the PAK doesn’t include. These are expensive items that we include to make the PAK an especially good gift for children. These items are not necessary for the program.
These items include: The incredible air rocket, the vortex bottles, the Strobotop, the wooden box, the Peruvian waterbird caller, the illusion spinner and the 2 marshmallow guns.

Can We Decide To Purchase The Standard Pak After We Purchase The eCurriculum By Itself?

Yes you can.  But you must purchase the second one at full price, and you will be given an additional year of the eCurriculum.

Can The eCurriculum Work As a Science Program On Its Own?

Yes. There are over 100 experiments that we walk you through tied to the curriculum with supplies that you can find around the house or purchase easily and inexpensively. The CROSSWIRED STANDARD SCIENCE PAK ($169) and the CROSSWIRED SCIENCE SUPER PAK($249) add extra activities and experiments that enrich the program. You don’t get the supplies for those if you purchase just the eCurriculum, however, you get access to all of the curriculum –including all the PAK experiment curriculum which adds many exciting lessons.