Teaching Experiments with CWS Curriculum

The Problem

What child or young adult doesn’t enjoy a great experiment? But, we all know that experiments and activities can be difficult, frustrating and time-consuming–or just filled with busy work.
And even when experiments don’t fail, after putting out a decent amount of effort, a mom or dad can be left wondering: Was worth it?  How does this activity tie it into anything truly significant?

The CWS Experiment Solution

Everything in the CWS experiments and activities is thoroughly tested for 100% success and we tie every experiment and activity to extraordinary interwoven concepts.
If you purchase a SUPER PAK, everything is in it that you need for its experiments except for a few common household supplies. CrossWired Science is a one-stop science curriculum.
From Frank Lewis, founder of Homeschool Enrichment magazine: “Have you ever been surprised by something you were
expecting to be good, but the reality far exceeded your expectations? That was my experience recently when I received the materials from Cross­wired Science. I was expecting something good. But what I experienced left me saying, 'Oh wow, this is GOOD!' "