Admirable Agility

By Don Miller | 15 January 2019

A while back, researchers at Oxford took on the challenge of studying Red Admiral butterfly flight. Their discoveries of the butterfly’s extraordinary agility and complexity in flight were quite humbling. Not only do they use many different wing strokes, they use them on successive wing beats! In other words, they vary each individual wingbeat of various stroke patterns for perfect efficiency.
These butterflies “use all the known aerodynamic methods that anybody has conjectured,” said Dr. Adrian L. R. Thomas. “Instead of progressing from one sort of wing stroke to another as flying speed changes–the way horses go from walk to trot to canter–the butterflies behave more like Olympic gymnasts doing floor exercises!” Wow. If we moved like the red admiral, city sidewalks would be filled with people moving by hops, skips, jumps, cartwheels and back flips!
The butterflies manage sophisticated maneuvers with a minimal brain and neurological control system. ”If engineers ever understand that,” remarks Dr. Rafal Zbikowski of Cranfield University, ”there will be a revolution in aeronautics.” And get this! They have air-flow sensors on their feet! Just before they takeoff they lift a foot and test the air!
God created the Red Admiral. It moves with great agility and holds secrets yet to be discovered for aeronautics engineers. Hopefully, they’ll soon make breakthroughs into understanding the science behind its graceful flight. And when they do, all credit goes to God, for He gave the Admiral its ingenious flight abilities.
Have you been yearning for breakthroughs– for you, others–or both? God is THE master of breakthroughs. He is fully aware of your situations and wants to be fully involved. If you need a breakthrough, look steadily to God–and God alone. He is able to do the unthinkable… and He loves to do exceedingly more than anything that enters your mind!

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Zbikowski, R. Red admiral agility. Nature 420, 615–617 (2002) doi:10.1038/420615a


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