Brain at Light Speed!

By Don Miller | September 20, 2019

Sometimes you learn something so amazing and so shocking that everything in you cries out, “O God! I MUST trust You more!”


It happened to me yesterday. I’ve often wondered how an ant with the brain the size of a grain of sand is able to do what it does. How can you store the memories of a lifetime, process hundreds of billions of messages a second, and operate trillions of muscle cells simultaneously in perfect harmony? How does all that and more go on in our cantaloupe-size brain?


As it turns out, scientists have just learned that in the space of a period, a God-created brain builds and destroys tens of millions of 3-d molecular configurations every second. Our brains contain both light-producing and light-receiving molecules throughout our neurons. Not only do they transmit information by chemical electricity but also by light, enabling portions of our transmissions to travel at the speed of light!


The new discoveries are so mind-boggling that a host of Ivy League scientists now believe that a single human brain carries more switching per second than all the computers and web circuits on earth.


My Lord and my God how can this be?!!! Worthy are you to receive all our praise and complete trust!



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