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Crosswired Science gets its name by our unique method of integrating multiple science fields and showing how they relate to each other. We’ve found that this integration tremendously increases the fascination of material and the comprehension of “deep science”.

Fascinating Curriculum

Our first curriculum project focuses on the two fascinating “Global Topics”, Sound and Fluid Dynamics. We dig deep into the amazing science behind them and show how these topics connect to many, many things. There are 12 more “projects” we will release as we proceed. Together, all these Global Topics will encompass all of Science.

Learning that Lasts

Our unique methods promote life-long learning and retention. We package deep science in entertaining ways that kids of all ages love– kids from 4-99! No one is too old to be deeply stirred by how God has made our world! Knowing the depths of what God had to do to bring us His love through His creation can be one of the greatest faith-building journeys a child in their school years can embark on!


We've built our curriculum to be parent/teacher friendly. Each of the 28 lessons for every Global Topic has built in quizzes or fill-in sections that students submit electronically. The quizzes are automatically graded and recorded. Administrators can easily view everything from their account dashboard.

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