Easily Affordable!

Folks,  this is a LOT of awesome curriculum for next to nothing.



The price of this program is unbelievable to me. It is only $27.95 for a whole year! And if you have more than one student it is only an additional $10 per student. I think it is totally worth it. Even with my son only being 4, I still think it is worth it just for the videos. They are interesting and it gives him an introduction to Science and as he gets older he will understand the topic even better.



The videos and the information they make available are excellent and big hits with the kids.  I love what the company is trying to do and their focus on glorifying God and making science more intrinsic to all learning. The potential learning is just endless, which makes the price seem like a steal!  It is exciting to see all the things this company and program will bring to the educational community.



Crosswired Science is priced to be affordable for homeschool families. Their aim is to keep it around the retail cost of a single Disney movie. Adding additional students is a lower cost than the base subscription and allows them to be tracked on the online assessments.



The program cost less than $30 for a single student. I feel the resources it includes are worth much more!



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