Builds a Love of Books!

How can I not love a program that advocates reading!?  And not just any reading but some amazing books!



A CWS mantra about this wonderful area is:“Every kid needs a “read-a-book-every-week-in-a-hammock-in-the-sunshine-or-curled-up-by-a-fire-in-the-fireplace-sipping-hot-chocolate time.” Whew!



We also have put on order some books (from the reading section suggestions) at the library on different areas within Fluid Dynamics.  They have my son so intrigued that he is excited about reading about them throughout the month!



As we move on thru the courses, the kids will be adding outside reading material.  I really appreciate that the materials suggested are faith based, such as YWAM Publishing selections, Creation Illustrated Magazine, Answers in Genesis and other faith based selections.  

Since Garrett really enjoys the biographies from YWAM, he will be reading about George Washington Carver while Ashleigh will be reading a few back issues of Creation Illustrated. Both will have to prepare a oral report over what they learn based on what they read.



Reading: As a family of book nerds, this is probably one of my favorite sections. Reading lists galore give you the opportunity for building in reading for fun every week. The lists include grade levels and reading plans.



I was also very pleased to see books we already have as part of the reading list such as a book we've reviewed in the past about Thomas Edison.  There was also one of my son’s favorite Astronomy books!



We love that CWS encourages getting a subscription to “Answers” magazine put our by AIG.  It’s one of our favorites!



 I was thrilled that we already owned quite a few of the recommended books, so we were able to utilize what we had on hand in a completely different way.



As a family of book lovers, and of reading in general, I love two of their suggestions in particular. They suggest books from YWAM.  They offer fantastic products that we love, as well as Creation Magazine, which again, is a favorite in our home. But there are many more suggestions beyond that. 



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