Completely Customizable

The beauty of CWS is that you can customize this to your homeschool you can choose to do some things and not others. I don’t foresee us doing field trips at this point due to our schedule currently, but, I can add them in later if I want to. There are several experiments to choose from and you could do just one, several, or none. It’s very flexible.



CWS is easy to customize to your particular homeschool style. Do you want your kids to have a rigorous science education? Then there’s enough material here to dig deep.

Do you want a more relaxed and enjoyable journey through the program? You can do that too! Nothing says you have to require your kids to complete each assignment, task, or quiz. You’re the homeschool mom – you can customize how you use this program.



We really enjoyed this curriculum. The videos are fun, colorful, an attention-grabbing– although they zip through the information really quickly! I liked that I could print off the whole experiment journal in one document or pick and choose which ones to print. The variety of activities were great. They were able to guide the student’s learning while allowing for them to follow their interests.



CrossWired Science is made to be customized to meet the needs of your family.



There are also options for research projects and the “Uchoose” option where you and your student(s) can decide what direction you want your course of study to take. I really do like the customizing aspect of this program. Each child, family and school situation is unique and with CrossWired Science, you have the ability to dig as deep or move as quickly as suits your needs.



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