Engaging Dads

Anna and I decided to share some of the information with Dad. Well, Dad started sharing information about the subject that was mentioned in the core video (it was about airfoils and Bernoulli), he knew all about it!  Dad was all interested in this (he had taken flight lessons in the past) and he searched YouTube and found a video on helicopters to show Anna the curve in the blades to show her the lift that was created.



CWS uses graphics and photos to illustrate what is being taught so that kids can use both sides of their brains, and link the pictures to what they are learning, and RETAIN the info! 

A week after watching the video on airplane aerodynamics for example, my daughter was asking my dad if, when he was flying, he could feel the pressure of the atoms under the plane's wings, and she proceeded to show what she meant JUST as she had seen in the video! Score! She LOVES science, but this series is helping her to better retain scientific FACTS!



They present lessons using animation and graphics, fun sound effects, cool photos, and music. They will capture even the youngest viewer's attention.  We immediately loved the engaging videos. They are fast paced though, so you have to pay attention, or you'll struggle with the quiz that follows.

We liked these videos so much that I called my husband in to watch with us, because I knew he would love them too. He is Mr. Science and I figured he would be a great gauge on this material. Well, he loved them too, and as we watched, he would nod and say, Yeah, that's correct, yeah, that too, cool...



Parent-Kid quiz teams, where parents and kids take the quizzes together, helps the parent gain knowledge while teaching the child. It creates a fun way to bond while learning science together.  All wonderful stuff!



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