Ed Why’s Section

The  “Ed Whys?” This is the About section of the program: why CrossWired is what it is. Why they chose to create this program. How it developed. And so much more. It’s a good read to find all the ins and outs behind the program’s beliefs and creation.



Again, please read their Ed Whys? to get a feel for their heart in all this and what their future goals are.



If you click on "Ed Whys?”, you will discover the goals of the creators of this program. I am thrilled that the creators chief purpose is to please the Lord. I love that by following this curriculum we will be focusing on the wonders and majesty of God's creation, and not be trying to ignore His plan as so many secular science curricula do. 

God fits into creation, and it is so obvious to see in the design of all. However, this isn't a curriculum that is going to be pushing religion on you and your children. So, don't worry about that. It just acknowledges God's role and doesn't ignore it. 

On the "Ed Whys?" page you will also read more about the integration and cross-wiring that brings the different science information together. 



CWS sticks to these 5 key design methodologies:

  1. Integrating many examples and elements of science to make a point
  2. Varying lesson structure
  3. Providing a foundation in all scientific fields
  4. Providing a stand alone curriculum while incorporating the many available resources
  5. Using Global Topics that connects all science together



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