For Parents, Teachers & Students!

Parents will like that CossWired Science offers:

  • one easy, inexpensive place to find online science learning geared toward multiple age levels.
  • enrichment materials and activities to dig into at your own pace.
  • progress that parents can note, including graded quizzes.
  • a wide array of experiments.
  • content that allows for creativity in approach and use.
  • adaptability for your unique homeschool style and schedule.

Using the program, students can:

  • Integrate computers, science, and the real world, making oodles of connections between science, other topics, and, of course, the glory of God's creation
  • enjoy fascinating information, activities, experiments, and more.
  • hop onto bunny trails with connected delight-based exploration
  • deepen awareness of God's love, beauty, power, and intelligence while noting the amazing design of creation
  • reinforce and build on concepts



Parent-Kid quiz teams helps the parent gain knowledge while teaching the child.  These create a fun way to bond while learning science together. 

You will find a wealth of information here that helps solidify your choice to purchase the program. All wonderful stuff.



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