Fascinating Global Topics

So what is a Global Topic?  Is it the same as a unit study? No.   A Global Topic is a topic that integrates a large amount of Sciences across the Science Fields so it is quite a bit different than a typical unit study.  Sound, and Fluid Dynamics fall into this category of Global Topics.



Currently, there are two main topics: Fluid Dynamics and Sound. These are considered their global topics. As CrossWired Science grows, the number of global topics will grow as well. Right now there are a projected 24-30 more global topics coming to the program. 

At the moment, it is projected that it would take 3 months to work through all of the material provided. The estimated amount of content for the site, once complete, could provide science curriculum for 6 years!

The Global Topics are chosen because of many reasons.  Many are chosen largely because they integrate the Earth, Physics and Life Sciences well. A few have been chosen, not because they cross-wire well, but because they build a powerful understanding of a specific part of the world God has made. Sometimes going very deep in one area helps to go deep in other areas.



Right now CWS only has the two Global Topics Sound, and Fluid Dynamics.  However,  will eventually have 30 Global Topics. They even have plans to take the first two even deeper.  Their long-term goal is to provide a curriculum that will cover all of science from pre-kindergarten through chemistry.



What is a Global Topic, you ask? This is a broad science category that has multiple application areas. The brain wires the knowledge this way. This kind of knowledge transfer is long-lasting and strong.

Linking learning together creates for long-term memory and stronger understanding. This is the goal of CrossWired Science.



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