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The Gold Dig (Fluid Dynamics) and Digging Deeper (Sound) sections are full of wonderful tidbits of information. These sections have wonderful images and small snippets of information that go along with the quiz at the bottom of the page. There is a tremendous amount of material in just these sections alone. they will be a great jumping off point for more research and in-depth inquiry about different topics.



Fluid Dynamics has a very extensive 5-part “Gold Dig” where students will learn deeply about Bones. This section is very amazing and very extensive. Yet it’s still in bite sizes so that even young learners will take something from the learning.

These sections are heavily illustrated with fun and beautiful pictures, which are the same whether using for a first timer or second timer. However, the text and the questions are on two different levels.

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And for my older son I love that there are built in research assignments (Digging Deepers) to encourage him to really understand and know!



Gold Digs or Digging Deepers:
Gold Digs are guest topics that aren't related to the theme. They give your student a breath of fresh air and the opportunity to dig deeper into a topic of interest. Digging Deepers are Global Topic specific.

Here you will find lots of pictures, and printable questions as well as a quiz to reinforce learning.



All the Digging Deeper pages have something to do with sound, in humans as well as the animal world. There is so much to love in this course! We’re enjoying the variety of ways to learn about the topic, and we love the way it points to the Creator.

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Within the Digging Deepers and Gold Digs are dozens of devotional sections and numerous ties to God and His Word.  This program has a Christian worldview.  I personally love this!



The Digging Deeper and the Gold Dig sections are also where most of the religious topics are. The devotionals have either a science or kid-based theme, and offer great thoughts for further discussion with parents and peers. So you also are getting some Bible activity in each weekly lesson!


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CWS has Digging Deeper and Gold Dig components. As they state on the website, “The Digging Deepers and the Gold Digs are heavily illustrated with fun, beauty and quite stunning “concept pictures”. These were a great way to go deeper and learn more about a particular part of a concept. My children went through the Gold Dig components about Bones and learned a lot of interesting information.

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 There is a worksheet which goes along with the Gold Digs and the Digging Deepers. Each day, I’m reading through about three sections of a Gold Dig with Mr. Diligence, Mr. Sweetie, and Mr. Imagination. We answer the questions that go along with those sections. It takes about 15 minutes to do that much.



The Digging Deeper sections are definitely fascinating and they even have devotionals!

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Digging Deeper and the Gold Digs are different.  They are perfect for the older or seasoned student.



Gold Digs: These are longer studies which lead from one point to the next. They are designed in such a way that older students can help younger ones. You can go in depth, or just touch the surface.

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