Fits ALL Learning Styles

The program blends learning styles with the use of short video, online quizzes, printable worksheets, and activities. Inclusion of field trips is something I particularly liked seeing.



I like that this program really, truly can benefit all learning styles. Do check it out!



We will definitely be continuing this program and I look forward to seeing all the different topics in the future. 

If you are someone who wants a curriculum where you have all the extras put together for you, this is for you.  You have multiple kiddos that you want them to learn together, this is for you.  If you want your kiddo to have independence to explore within a science topic, this is for you.  No matter what your teaching or learning style is this program could find a spot in your homeschool to fill.



CWS touches upon all of the learning styles to fit the needs of each child using the program. It has ample spatial material for the visual learners with their great graphics and videos. 

The second global topic covers the auditory aspect of learning, The linguistic side is covered in the worksheets, research, and discussion topics that will reinforce your child's verbal communication, Finally, for kinesthetic learning, there are many activities where your child is immersed in the experiments to match the subjects being taught! 



This wonderful delight-led program engages all types of learning for a thorough and long lasting Science experience.



After exploring the website by myself, I decided that I wanted to test out two different approaches to using this website.


  • independent learning
  • group learning

Learning in our home tends to lean heavily towards interest based and play-based learning. We do not use any curricula as guides to how we structure our learning.

I really liked CrossWired Science’s website layout. The way the website is structured allows you can jump around to different areas depending on what you were interested in.

Both of these approaches worked well for our family and we will continue to implement both strategies.



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