Low Low Stress!

It made me laugh when a friend recommended the program to parents like me who "have high stress levels" because it is such a low-stress program.

I try not to live in a highly stressed state, nor to allow my children to sense when I am under stress, but, sometimes life just piles things on - healing from a surgery, computers dying, a hard drive with all files being lost, taxes being due... You know, life stuff!  

As humans, we have to deal with a lot of it - sometimes all at once.  As homeschoolers, we have the extra challenge of still attending to our children's education and formation in faith. So, having resources to make doing that easy is key!

CrossWired Science makes family Science learning so easy!  Just open the website, point the mouse, click, then enjoy the videos. Take a quiz. Chat. Browse other sections of the site for ideas for experiments, games, devotionals, field trip ideas, etc. if you like... Varied, interesting, and easy, igniting curiosity and teaching new concepts! That's my kind of Science program.



 We still are having a little trouble being more consistent in our daily Science class but CrossWired Science has taken the preparations out of my hands and saved me so much time.



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