Solidifies Life-Time Memory

I love the classical approach where the student wraps back around and covers the same material every few years. This encourages deeper exploration and understanding of the material. CWS does this!

#1 Yvonne B


The Life We Build

The videos provide a fun introduction to the topics, which we can return to at greater depth in the future. I’ve found this circular way of studying something and then returning to study it again later in more detail works well for cementing learning.

#6 Bonnie Way


The Koala Mom

Children can cycle back through the materials to ‘dig deeper’ in their learning. This is done by going from First Timers to Second Timers in the program.



CWS  is designed to be used over and over as you learn and dig deeper.



First, I am happy with any program or curriculum that will keep kids interested and learning. It doesn’t matter how much information we push out at them if they cannot retain it. Somehow, with his integrated method, Don has come up with the formula that works for our family.  We are looking forward to the addition of more topics in the coming weeks and months.


#12 Kimberley Linkletter


Vintage Blue Suitcase

CrossWired Science has big ideas for making science fun, engaging, and part of life long-learning. 



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