CWS is not a dry program!  Your child will not just be watching videos and doing worksheets. This program gets them moving, thinking, and doing!



CrossWired Science does a very nice job of balancing the digital world with the world outside. This is probably my favorite part. CrossWired Science uses technology to peak the interest of our digital loving children. Then it entices them to go out and actually experience the things they learned!



CrossWired Science does a commendable job at balancing the digital world with the world outside. It uses technology to teach concepts and pique student interest. Then it encourages students to go out and actually experience and learn more in the real world . And, it does all this in a family-friendly, God-glorifying, cross-age way at an economical price!

#25 Martianne and Michael Stanger


Training Happy Hearts

My children love learning online, so this is a wonderful way to quench that for them, but also to give them practical, hands-on (and off-screen!) activities to reinforce and expand upon their learning. We will continue to use this throughout the school year and are anxiously waiting to see what they release next!



We enjoyed going outside and listening for different bird calls and are planning other field trips.



Material is not just ‘given’ to the child to consume, but rather they become an active participant in their learning.



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