Parent & Teacher Section

This area provides many options that include:

  • My Account - this area provides the dashboard, orders, subscription, downloads, addresses, payment methods, account details and a log out feature.
  • Manage Students: ability to manage students and group leaders.
  • Student Progress is broken down by student and provides a download feature to a CSV file.
  • Quiz Results
  • Teacher Resources is equally comprehensive and includes:
    • Super Tips for Using CrossWired Science
    • Calendar suggestions that is broken down to Core Videos, Reading, Experiments, Devotions, Research and General and Unit Links and finally, Stretching Each Global Topic to 8 Weeks. There are six printable calendars
    • Student Dashboard Information
  • Suggested Calendar is the same as what is found under Teacher Resources
  • Unit Worksheet Answers
  • General Links provides videos for each of the Units 
  • Unit Links provides additional videos for each Unit too



The Parent/Teacher tab offers you a plethora of options:

  • my account (just what it sounds like, a place to look at your subscription, address, email, change your password, etc.)
  • manage my students (a list of your students, their emails and what I think are their passwords, also tells you their status)
  • student progress (tells you what percentage each student has completed of each course and if they finished it, what date it was completed)
  • quiz results (lets you see the scores of each quiz even to telling you which answers are wrong/right)
  • teacher resources (has links to 14 "super tips", the calendars and the student dashboard)
  • calendars (several suggested schedules for the course)
  • worksheets (answer keys for the worksheets)
  • general links (the real embedded links so that you can watch the exterior videos with your child)
  • unit links (embedded links for the units)



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