Extremely Unique

As learners who tend to be pretty “out of the box” (I don’t know if we even have a box anymore ha-ha). CWS is the kind of tool I really am constantly on the look out for.



We have had many years of science over the last eight or so years of homeschooling three children. We have done many different forms of curriculum as well, as we love changing things up a bit! I was definitely intrigued by a new online science, Sound, and Fluid Dynamics from CrossWired Science.

I can honestly say that I haven’t seen anything like this in all the different sciences we have tried.



CrossWired Science is unlike any science program that I’ve used before. 



Crosswired Science is a different and very unique approach to science which is refreshing. In addition to having a Biblical Worldview side to their science, they have “CrossWired” the sciences showing the cross-correlation of the various science (ie. physics with chemistry with biology). It’s a very unique approach. And, dare I say, quite the project to undertake.

We found a very interesting connection between the sciences. This really makes digging deeper into science and Gods world fun to do.



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