Helpful Worksheets

The videos were of great quality.  They were entertaining and informative.  My children loved watching them.  Using the worksheets as a viewing guide really help them to focus on the information that they needed to learn.



After the video, they completed the worksheets which we found was a great tool in helping to ensure that they retained and understood what they just watched. After completing the first video, I decided that for subsequent videos, I would have them review the worksheets first, so they knew what to pay particular attention to while watching the video.

 This really assisted them in listening better so they could hone in on key facts that they needed to record on the worksheets. The information in the video is provided in order to what they have to write down on the worksheets so it's really helpful to have them complete as they listen to the video twice.



After each video is a little quiz. It will be automatically graded at the end! You can view the quiz again after if you’d like, or just keep going to the next section. There are also printable worksheets that are great!



Worksheets are generally simple, black and white text in question answer form and line drawings. These can be colored by the student for extra fun.



There are worksheets with the lessons you do-- which is a short video that they watch. This is cool because it helps to reinforce what they are learning. 



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