Fabulous Frustules

by Don Miller | May 31, 2019

What are frustules?


Diatoms are microscopic single-celled algae that build elegant glass ‘skeleton’ cell walls around themselves called frustules. These transparent ‘cases’ are beautiful and intricate, like tiny crystal jewel boxes. They come in an astonishing variety of geometric shapes representing the many different types of diatoms.


Frustules come in the top and bottom halves that join together to encase the diatom. Circular, elliptical, triangular, rectangular and multi-sided shapes are some of the many designs of the diatom cases. They can shimmer with subtle structural colors. Microscopist Klaus Kemp said of diatom frustules, “For anything to be so intricate, so well sculptured, it is just astounding.”


The level of creativity and decoration of frustules is astonishing! They are messages from the Lord shouting, “Trust Me with all your heart…don’t lean on your own limited understanding about events in your life. There will be a shout of joy in the morning.”


Just as He created the diatom with its beauty from the simplest of materials, He will create new, astonishing beauty from the raw material of your life.


@creationministriesint, Thanks Jonathan O’Brien for all you added to this post!

Read more about Diatoms & Frustules here: https://creation.com/diatoms-artistry

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