Joyfully Fervent

Don Miller | May 22, 2019

No one has to tell birds to get on the ball and begin migrating. No one needs to holler at ants to make them get with it and gather a harvest while it’s available. Nor does anyone have to tell puppies to jump off the couch and hop into being cute and fun. God’s creation just does what it’s created to do because God equipped it with vibrant life and DNA codes that dictate action and adventure!


Similarly, God created us to live with purposeful action and lots of adventure! We’re called to be fervent in spirt, earnestly living for His purposes. As we’re alert to hear His voice and earnestly pursue His Spirit, He accomplishes His wonderful desires for us (Romans 12:10, John 5:30). It’s a mindset that requires seeking Him daily in everything before us…and wanting to be used by Him every hour of the day (Luke 2:49).


Every day it helps me to have two goals. One is learning how to better love and pray for all those in my “sphere.” Another is to complete bits of work that are connected to concrete goals that I know will bless people God places in my path. Doing these things gives me peace and joy and really sweet to-the-heart purpose.


If I slack, deadness hits. I’m at my best when I’m persistently striving to love others better. When this is ever-present in my focus—despite lots of failures along the way–it leads to some incredibly meaningful victories I deeply rejoice in.


We were created to be connected profoundly to people and to God. We are designed to daily be about His work as He guides us in seeking His blessing and help for those He puts in our growing sphere of sweet influence.


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