Masterful Feathers

By Don Miller | August 25, 2019

One of the great blessings of being sizably acquainted with the “deeper science” of the world God created is that you are constantly coming across powerful evidences of both God’s power and intelligence. For instance, this Great Grey Owl has an astonishing array of 9,000+ masterfully made feathers. Every feather is slightly different than the next in both shape and coloration. Not seen is how each one differs in strength at different points. Note, too, that the feathers on the left side of the bird have to all be oriented to the left; those on the right have to be oriented perfectly to the right.


I realized that these feathers must be constructed by mathematical algorithms that tell what shape, coloration, and structure goes into each individual feather. In the end, they all pile on one another evenly and look good too! The instructions are built into the DNA code so the 9000+ feathers can create an astonishing and beautiful aerodynamic marvel! It’s quite a statement that God is intimately acquainted with your ways even as He is with the needs of His birds.


(Psalms 139:6). What an encouragement to lift everything to God today!


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