CrossWired Core Science Program

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics



Electrons & Electricity


Acids & Bases

Acids and Bases



Heat & Cold












UV Light

Ultraviolet Light

Grades K-12

Captivate your students’ interest with CrossWired Science!   

The Wonders Activity Pak (all ages)

CWS Core (K-8) 

 Bio/Chem/Physics (9-12) 

Our 3 levels are an innovative new way to study science utilizing a fresh integrated approach that organizes learning around our Global Topics with our self-paced, easy-to-use Student Modules.  

The engaging and interactive online content combined with suggested reading and fun hands-on experiments makes learning science an unforgettable adventure for the whole family!

Want to understand more of the why behind our program?

Before you begin, take a look at the two most important educational diagrams for CWS:  “The Field” and “Loops”.

"The Field"

Beginning to "Build the Field" For A Powerful, God-Glorifying Life-long Science Framework

MINI-TOPICS for CWS Yr. 1: Aerodynamics, Hydrodynamics, Bernoulli’s Principle, Vortices, Turbulent and Laminar Flow, Daniel Bernoulli, Orville And Wilber Wright, Ailerons and Flaps, Kingfisher Hydrodynamics, Penguin Hydrodynamics, Dolphin Hydrodynamics, Fin Types and Swim Patterns, Bird Flight, Insect Flight, Avian Lungs, Box Fish Swimming, Animal And Insect Drinking, Shark Denticles, Nose Turbinates of People and Animals, Cavitation, Cavitation and Ship Propellers, Cavitation Erosion, Mt. Saint Helens, Cavitation and Sedimentation, Air Foils, Hydrofoils, Venturi’s, Rocket Aerodynamics, Carburetors, the Space Station, Piezoelectricity, What Sound Is, Sound transfer through Solids, Liquids and Gases, Ultrasound, Infrasound, Decibels, Microphones, Vocal Cords, Voice Making, Larynx, Babies Crying, How Ears Work, Cochleas, Sonograms, Speakers, Animal/Insect Hearing, Complex Lion Roars, Alligator Infrasound, History of Sonar, Dolphin Sonar, Bat Sonar, Orienting by Sound (non-sonar), Sound Making of other Animals/Insects, Syrinx, Bird Songs and Calls, Whale Songs, Elephant Infrasound, Ultrasound Devices, Ceramic Piezoelectric Crystals, Piezoelectric Speakers, Sonar, Laser Sound Transmission, Owl Hearing, Acoustic Feathers, Birds of Paradise, Feather Growth, Dead Sea Scroll, Barbs, Barbules, Sonations, Alula Feathers, Structural Color, Uv Vision, Isaac Newton, Feather Algorithms, DNA Algorithms, Nano-Technology, Osteocytes, Osteoblasts, Enzymes, Cervical and Lumbar Vertebrae, Foramen, Solar Panels, International Space Station, Cartilage, Hydroxyapatite, Lacunae…

"The Field"

The Field shows many concepts
in the Science Portion of a student’s mind.

CrossWired Science endeavors to “build and greatly wire”  all the different-sized concepts in your child’s mind.  Many diverse concepts are often “worked on” simultaneously in the same week. 

This keeps the ”fascination top” spinning in a student’s mind!



The “Loops” signify all a young person’s “wiring” in Science. The space between the “strokes”–in this case–is the student’s knowledge of Fluid Dynamics.

Each of the 20 Global Topics are introduced early, and broadened every succeeding year.  Significant and major broadening occurs at different intervals throughout the educational experience.

20 increasingly intensive Global Topics (GT) and dozens of Major Topics are thoroughly mastered in the school years for lifetime retention. Simultaneously, students will cover hundreds of mini-topics. (Those in “the field”)  These are carefully re-visted and broadened in delightful ways all throughout the grade levels, but mastery is caught as a pleasure rather than being required as it is with Global and Major Topics.

CWS will use technology to reinforce complete mastery of Deep and Fascinating Science in both the Global and Major Topics, but we have not yet revealed how we will do this.

CWS - Full Year of Science for all ages!

Using CrossWired Science’s affordable (by design!) website provides a very exciting, and amazing full year of science with each of our 3 different levels:  

The Wonders Activity Pak (all ages) 

CWS Core (K-8)  

Bio/Chem/Physics BCP (9-12) Course

We currently have 3 years of CWS Core courses (K-8) Featuring 12 different Global Topics and 3 full years of high school Bio/Chem/Physics (BCP) Courses (9-12) available.

CWS Core 3  & BCP 301/302 will be fully loaded Summer of 2023! 

Here are a few insights to help you to implement our program:

1. The Wonders Activity Pak (all ages) , CWS Core (K-8) and Bio/Chem/Physics -BCP (9-12) Courses are coordinated so all ages can learn together!

Use the Printable Student Modules available in all levels – The Wonders Pak (all ages) CWS Core (K-8) and Bio/Chem/Physics (9-12) for learning that the entire family can enjoy together!

More Courses are being added each year!

2. CWS is Designed to be Eclectic

Eclectic means using the best of many options.  This is central feature of CrossWired Science.  All through the pre-university school years, students will be accessing many of the finest Science sources available.

3.Using CWS for your Core Science Curriculum is very easy!

There are currently 24 Student Modules in each CWS CORE and BIO/CHEM/PHYSICS (BCP) level. 

Simply download and follow the Student Modules.  As parents, you don’t have to do anything!  Let the Student Modules and the website guide you step-by-step through the lessons. Follow along by visiting the blue hyperlinked text that takes students directly to the lesson. Check progress, talk about what’s covered, and have fun!

Print each Student Module and put it in its own notebook.  When students finish CWS at the graduation of high school, they will have created their very own “Deep Science” notebooks. These provide a powerful reminder of God’s wonders!

The notebooks will be added to year after year. CWS will always be coming back to God’s wonders and deepening and mastering them, both to strengthen a student’s love for God and confidence in His power, beauty and intelligence.  These notebooks– along with the website– powerfully build a “science mind” in your student.  A “science mind” is a mind that thinks like cutting-edge scientists do.


4. Education Truths Governing CWS.

The Fascinating and Delightful has much higher retention than the Dull.

Students will remember two to ten times more and, in some cases, one hundred times more if they truly find material fascinating and delightful. Regardless of how organized Dull is, it can still be quite uninspiring.  This greatly hinders learning and causes vast amounts of material that is studied to fall from the memory of students.

This is not to throw conventional science instruction under the bus. The goal of conventional science is to present science is a clear, orderly way moving from A to Z.  Every textbook in the world has some inherent dullness to it.  The secret to the fascinating and delightful in traditional science is a great teacher or a great mom or dad who can add the spice. 

If your child is in a traditional Science class, our hope is that CWS can add delight and information that very much glorifies the Lord.  CWS will help add spice to Biology and other science classes!   Always remember this:  IT IS ACADEMICALLY POWERFUL TO LEARN SCIENCE TOWARD DELIGHTFUL DEEP SCIENCE: THE MORE THE BETTER!

Family & Individual Customization greatly increases lifetime memory and motivation.

Every science curriculum needs to provide for some time for self-direction. For younger children, this is often directed by parents and this is good.  But in time, a little more can be given over to the student.  This is very profitable for learning–and quite fun.

There are many things that are delightful to everyone; sweet is sweet to all of us. God made us this way.  But we all also have unique God-given bents.  God may show His extreme glory and wonder to one person through insects and space and through plants and horses to you. God gives us all unique interests.  We understand the reasons for God’s design as we walk through life and His purposes for us.

Too much self-direction is a mistake.  

Don’t let teens (no matter how smart they appear) entirely steer their own science ship.  They need a captain who knows good direction in the immense world out there that they have not experienced yet. A recommendation is to let them steer about 10%-15% of the time, if they are diligent.

Science needs to be a great experience for the entire family.

Read alouds, CD’s, experiments, field trips, seminars, oral reports, specialized classes, and more can be great to share as a family. CWS firmly believes that parent-customized guidance needs to be present in the midst of a science curriculum. We build in certain sections which allow families to enjoy science TOGETHER in every CWS calendar and especially in our year-long plan for CWS.

We want to help parents learn how to customize their science instruction and be able to discern great science opportunities when they see them. This verse has application in choosing many things:

“But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.” Hebrew 5:14.

As a family, you need the freedom to spend part of your science time pursuing what is fantastic–especially for you. God uses these times to wonderfully strengthen your family and to powerfully shape your family’s future. Never let it slide past you that there is tremendous joy learning science together.  The long-term family and educational benefits are HUGE


5. Ways to Customize CWS for Your Family


For the First and Second Timer’s reading (grades 1 and up), we heartily encourage reading the Benge YWAM scientist biographies. These are found in the Reading list in the Reading lessons in CWS. These may be purchased through the SHOP button in the top menu on the website with free shipping at a good savings over Amazon.

These are excellent for the entire family and can be quite fun and very meaningful as family read-alouds at night.  There is quite a list of other available titles of Christian missionaries that can be read together also.  Start a new family read-aloud tradition!  We guarantee you’ll be VERY glad you did!

For older students, we find Creation and Answers magazines are great additions, also.  Back issues for Creation are affordable and excellent.  The Creation magazine centers only on science and the Answers magazine includes apologetics.  These are fantastic as an ongoing family resource.  Read together after dinner!

Other great options are suggested in the Reading Lesson. Choose what delights.

Unit & General Links (Be sure to view more than once!)

It is a great idea to watch many of the General Video Links and Unit Video Links we suggest in each Global Topic of CWS more than once. These are often fantastic for the entire family.  General links tend to be better for all.

Repetition for mastery is very important. Much of the material in the CWS Link Lists is scientifically very powerful and is amazingly retainable if seen three or more times over a couple years. Link retention might increase ten times for many students if the material is just covered twice.  The Printables build in necessary repetition of the greatest material. We’ve got this covered for you.

As new material is released by CWS, you’ll notice that every great slice (our animations) and every great video link is covered at least 4 times over 6 years and is expected to be greatly mastered for lifetime retention.  “Zips”–insertions which are heavily academic –will begin to be added to existing links beginning next year for Second Time Students.  These don’t diminish the delight of the slices, but they greatly increase their academic, God-glorifying value.


U-Choose, Reinforcement, Research, Field Trips, and Experiment Lessons

The full-year CWS program has eleven of these “group lessons” per global topic (22 total each year). These are individual lessons in the Global Topics, Sound and Fluid Dynamics.

Your family can choose activities in these 5 Lesson-types. These are great for family participation. The possibilities are endless –take a field trip, listen to audio dramas, explore with a digital microscope and dozens more.

The list of supplemental materials and activities you can add to CWS in these 5 areas is fantastic!   There is much deep science in all these suggestions.

6. For Older Students: Reviewing Gold Digs and Digging Deepers is VERY Important.

A Gold Dig is a topic studied alongside the Global Topic which is an entirely new and different topic. For instance – Gold Digs in Fluid Dynamics (FD), contain 5 interesting, extensive, and VERY informative lessons on Bones.

These can be done with students as young as six IF Mom or Dad or a teacher goes through each slowly alongside the students. Many parents find that 3 pages a sitting is good for “Youngers”.  The information, however, is perfect for High School Biology students as well.

Digging Deepers are the same type of written-visual lesson found in the Global Topic Sound (SO). These 5 lessons, however, deal with the Global Topic Sound and include other fascinating detailed topics such as the amazing sonar of bats and dolphins.

Advanced students have a second shot at the Gold Digs and the Digging Deepers. The second time through will increase retention many times over for most students.   Just follow along in the  Student Module printables for the “how to’s” and “when’s”.


7. Using Digital Supplements We Give throughout the Year.

We will be sending you FREE devotional emails, helpful links, supplemental printables, and more as we produce them year-after-year as long as you are enrolled in CWS.  No topic is ever left behind!

These will increase the depth and amount of material covered in the released Global and Major Topics and Mini-Topics on our site. As material is revisited and expanded, lifetime retention and understanding is tremendously increased.


Wrap Up

The material in CWS Core & Bio/Chem/Physics courses are well worth remembering for a lifetime. They build a great science foundation for a science mind and it is greatly glorifying to God. It will significantly strengthen a student’s–and family’s–faith and confidence in God.

This is why we do what we do.

Have a beyond-wonderful God-blessed time!

Not subscribed to Mighty Feathers?

  1. Mighty Feathers is a FREE, fascinating Major Topic on Birds, Feathers and flight. Major Topics are significant topics with a more narrow focus than our Global Topics. As the years proceed, add more additions to your bird adventure in your Student notebook!

  2. Go to the link below and subscribe to Mighty Feathers.  If your CWS account is open and you put in all the same login info here, Mighty Feathers will appear on your student Dashboard between First Timers and Second Timers.  You will always be able to access it through your dashboard. Each student in your class or family must individually create their own subscription for Mighty Feathers using their own existing login info that he or she uses for CWS.
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