CrossWired Science:
An Astonishing Year of Science
The first of many more!

These are a sampling of some of the many types of lessons in CrossWired Science. Others include: Books, U-Choose, Field Trips, Unit Links, General Links, Reinforcement, Review, Art Projects, Hunts, many Science Projects and more. If you open one of the three Science Notebooks we show below, you can get an idea of what the daily lessons look like.

How to begin CWS

Ready in 5 minutes!

Teaching Multiple Ages

How families learn together

CrossWired Core Videos

Our “Core Videos” are the key component to build the cross-wired knowledge foundation in 20 Global Topics (more coming soon!)  Each video includes self-graded quizzes in two levels, First Timers and Second Timers.

CV 1

Dogslobs and Cats

First Timers

CV 2

Bill-Cooled Toucans

First Timers

CV 3

Cochleas & Whale Belting!

Second Timers

CV 4

Hair & Goosebumps

Second Timers

Downloadable Components

CrossWired Science

Three 100-page lifetime science notebooks that can be added to year after year. See a sample of the pages which can be printed or stored electronically. This is First Timers. This is good for 3rd through 7th grade. There are 2 easier “Printables.“ for 4 years old to 2nd grade and a MUCH different and MUCH more difficult course given for High School Biology-Chemistry Physics.

Great Hands-on Experiments!

Exciting experiments for all ability levels that reinforce each Global Topic. Here are a few.

Advanced Topics and Investigations

Mind-Bending Bones

The advanced topic covered here is “Created Bones”.  Like all of our Gold Digs, we cross-wire the topic to many subjects, it’s filled with Devotionals, and completely hyperlinked.  The quiz is tailored to different levels.  Check out the First Timers quiz.

Bone Electricity

CWS makes complex subjects more understandable with animations like this one for Bones.

God-Centered Devotions

There are many devotions in CWS that cross-wire what students are learning to God’s Word. Here are a couple,  a “Fun Teen Devotional” and a “Science Devotional”.  Gold Digs are filled with science devotional nuggets as well

Teen Devotional

Doubts And Prayer /
Petty, Petty And More Petty

Sci Devotional

Brain at the Speed of Light /
Roots & Extraordinary Wisdom

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