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Scientists & Toddlers & All In-Between!

There is plenty on the website for a scientist, an AP Biology or Chemistry student, a curious Junior Higher or a 4 to 12 year-old.  The website is heavily designed to appeal to any age.

This material, however,  is primarily designed for students ages 4-18.  We also love to say it’s for Dad and Mom, too.  Our great hope is that much of what is covered with CWS will be experienced also by the parents along the way.  Our prayer is that learning about the beauty and wonder of the world God has lovingly made would be a journey whole families could go on together.

Unexpected Blessings Surface!

You can’t imagine how much of a blessing it will be to share in learning experiences!  Over the years there will be thousands of very excited moments, “Oh this is exactly what we learned about!” 

You will be astonished at how the whole family grows in seeing the world as a powerful pointer to the love, beauty, power and intelligence of our God.  Hundreds of conversations and opportunities to share the Lord will open up.  Your whole life will be changed as the Lord leads you into things you never imagined.  Dad may even decide to change his life-time occupation.

Fascinating Deep Science When Young

Can CWS be used with 4-7 year-olds? Absolutely. We can’t emphasize enough starting early with what we call “Deep Science”.

There are many CWS materials that can be viewed independently by little ones including the CWS Core Videos and the Links. The “Slices” in the Core videos are very fast-paced and have music and fun animations. Most of these keep little ones’ attention quite well.

The rich Level 1 Links also easily engage little ones.


Bite-Sized Pieces for Kids

Overall, there are hundreds and hundreds of concepts that can be learned by younger children on the site. Just take it in “bite-sized” pieces. You have a whole year with this site!

The “Pictorial Readings” in each Global Topic are highly illustrated and can be gone over slowly with Dad and Mom with everyone learning together. These “readings” are found in the hundreds of pages that are in the “Digging Deepers” and the “Gold Digs” that you can see in the Sample Lesson.

The experiment sections have many experiments and activities that can be done with little people.

You have a full year to use the 2 Global Units, so aspects of it can be used over and over.


Parent-Kid Quiz Teams

Testing for little ones is not necessary. However, after your young one spends a few months going over things here and there, you might one to baby-step them through quizzes for fun. A Parent-kid quiz team!


Powerfully Sowing, Growing and Showing

We have much to say about exposing children while they are young to very fun and fascinating “deep science”.

One of the favorite CWS mantras is “What you sow at 4, grows at 5 and shows at 6.” This means that what children begin to absorb at four, grows in their understanding when they are five and much is added to it. This depth then shows itself in amazing comprehension of complex concepts and the expression of them when the child is 6. Children are able to process much more than we often give them credit for–if material is presented in a way that is fun and interesting for them.

Presentation is important… but even more so is Dad or Mom’s involvement with them in the learning times. This makes it all a delight.

We have seen children develop powerful minds for science and recognize the Lord in His Creation by starting early with powerful and engaging materials.


Lifetime Libraries

We greatly love many materials others have developed for children and young people 3-18 years old which can be enjoyed by the entire family. We point you to many you can use for free or purchase.

We encourage every family to build a wonderful “Lifetime Books, DVD and CD Library.” The beauty of this is that materials can be used over and over and fantastic concepts can be cemented in for life for all the children when this is done.

Keep a look-out in this section of the website for much more material about using CWS for little ones that we will be adding.

1If you purchase a subscription to the CWS website, you are given access to it for 1 year with an auto-renewing membership until you notify us to discontinue.  We offer specials for family renewals.


Global CrossWiring Topics

Each CWS Core Course consists of 4 “Global topics” “CrossWired” to many subject areas. The 24 Student Modules guide students step-by-step through lessons with blue, hyperlinked text. 

Gold Digs and Digging Deepers

Each Global Topic has extensive “pictorial written materials”.  For example, Sound has five Digging Deepers in the subject area of Sound. Fluid Dynamics has what we call a “major topic” – a very extensive 5-part “Gold Dig” where students will learn the most about Bones ever attempted to teach students who are not yet in college. This section powerfully shows the incredible gift God has given us creating our bones and the bones of His marvelous animals.

A Foundation for All of Science

CrossWired Science lays a powerful God-honoring foundation that all of Science can be built on.  Its 20 Global Topics encompass every discipline of science.  

“Stand Alone”? Ha!

The CWS Core Courses & Bio/Chem/Physics (BCP) Courses are able to be used as a “stand-alone curriculum”.  However, a core value of CWS is to be eclectic and introduce many excellent resources others have produced.  So to say “Use CWS as a stand-alone curriculum” is an oxymoron for we LOVE so many of the great resources others are creating.  CWS is meant to be a thread that ties everything together with a strong God-glorifying science foundation.   

Our hope is to start a revolution in how science is taught.  And a significant part of this is accessing the many wonderful resources others have created.

Getting started with the CWS program is easy:

  1. The Wonders Activity Pak is packed with the physical supplies for over 100 experiments and activities – and also includes online access to our 12 Modules of teaching material for each of the items in your Wonders Activity Pak.  Experiments can be interchanged with those in CWS Core or BCP – or do them all!  Great for ALL ages!
  2. K-8 students: CWS Core: includes access to Core 1, Core 2, or Core 3  (different Global Topics in each one!) 
  3. 9-12 Students: Choose from 3 different years –  Bio/Chem/Physics (BCP) 101/102 ,  BCP 201/202, or BCP 301/302. (every student needs a CWS Core subscription).
  4. Download the Student Module onto your computer. Follow along by clicking on any blue, hyperlinked text to take student directly to the lesson.
  5. Put completed pages in a notebook.  


Core Videos

There are 8 core videos for the first exposure to each Global Topic.  Material runs from introductory to “very deep science’, but it’s taught in a way that all can glean from each short video.  A four-year old and a nuclear scientist can watch the same videos and learn from them.

The questions, however, are given at two different levels through two different curriculum ”channels”.  Every user has access to both channels.  (Note:  We ask you not to put 2 people onto one “package”.)

DD’s and GD’s

The Digging Deepers and the Gold Digs are heavily illustrated with fun, beauty and quite stunning “concept pictures”.  The pictures are the same for the two curriculums.  But the text and the questions are on two different levels.  In other words , if you go into the first “essay” on “Bones”, in both the “First Timers and Second Timers” curriculums, you will see a difference. The pictures are exactly the same but the text and the questions are different levels of difficulty.

The beauty of teaching “deep science” this way is that it allows for extremely effective and rich repetition of concepts which is critical for children as their minds develop. This is an aspect of an absolutely essential element for creating a revolution in “Integrated CrossWired Science Education” that the Lord can powerfully use for His glory. 

We have MUCH more material already developed in these formats for many other Global Topics which we will release as the Lord gives us the “go-ahead.”


Included in Core 1 –  there are Four “Global Topics”, Sound and Fluid Dynamics Acids/Bases and Electrons/Electricity . These encompass dozens of subject areas for either a rigorous or a light-and-easy journey through a whole lot of fascinating and fun Science. A quick peek at just some of the subject areas covered in each:

Global Topic-Fluid Dynamics Subject Areas;

Aerodynamics, Hydrodynamics, Bernoulli’s Principle, Vortices, Turbulent and Laminar Flow, Daniel Bernoulli, Orville And Wilber Wright, Ailerons and Their History, Kingfisher Hydrodynamics, Penguin Hydrodynamics, Dolphin Hydrodynamics, Fin Types and Swim Patterns, Bird Flight, Bird feathers, Insect Flight, Avian Lungs,  Box Fish Swimming,  Animal And Insect Drinking, Shark Denticles, Nose Turbinates of People and Animals, Cavitation, Cavitation and Ship Propellers, Cavitation Erosion, Mt. Saint Helens, Cavitation and Sedimentation, Air Foils, Hydrofoils, Venturi’s, Rocket Aerodynamics, Carburetors, the Space Station, Piezoelectricity and more.

Bones is the Guest topic for all the “Gold Digs” in this Unit. There are about two hundred highly-illustrated pages on everything you can imagine about Bones.  These go very broad in their “cross-wiring”.

Global Topic-Sound Subject Areas:

What Sound Is, Sound transfer through Solids, Liquids and Gases, Ultrasound, Infrasound, Decibels, Microphones, Vocal Cords, Voice Making, Larynx, Babies Crying, How Ears Work, Cochleas, Sonograms, Speakers, Animal/Insect Hearing,  Lion Roars, Alligator Infrasound, History of Sonar, Dolphin Sonar, Bat Sonar, Orienting by Sound (non-sonar), Sound Making of other Animals/Insects, Syrinx, Bird Songs and Calls, Whale Songs, Elephant Infrasound, Ultrasound Devices, Ceramic Piezoelectric Crystals, Piezoelectric Speakers, Sonar,  Laser Sound Transmission, Musical Instruments and more.

In addition to these subject areas, there are about 50 other subject areas brought in through the General and Unit Links. There is also a great deal more brought out in other lessons for each G-Topic, i.e. “U-Choose”, “Field Trips”, “Research”, “Reinforcement”, “Read a Book”, “Devotions” and “Reinforcement.”

Yes. In the CWS curriculum, all testing is automatically graded and can be viewed from your “Parent Dashboard”. 

Essay assignments can be submitted on the website and are saved for teacher review. Upon submission, each is assigned a “Completed Status.”  Grading for points, however, must be done by the teacher or parent.

To view a student’s written assignments:

Step 1: Go to the “Quiz Results” page in the parent/teacher dropdown
Step 2: Select the course and particular quiz you would like to review from the corresponding dropdowns
Step 3: You’ll find your student’s name (their information should pop up in the table at the bottom of the page) and click on the clipboard in the “detailed report” column
Step 4: You’ll see the quiz questions and results listed. To see answer details, click on “view”. (Note: on regular quiz questions, this is all you have to do to view answers. On written questions, you’ll need to click “view” again. This time in the row that pops up. See screenshot below)

No, you do not have to buy a thing.  All activities are optional.  However, there are things you can buy.

Experiment Supplies

If you opt to do some experiments that require more supplies than you have in your house, then you’d need to buy these. For instance, if you wanted to dissect a shark, we give you the ordering info and you need to make the purchase.

Books or Magazines

We do strongly encourage reading a book for one day of instruction each week. It does not have to relate to the Global Topic. It can be any book you desire.

A CWS mantra: “Every kid needs “read-a-book-every-week-in-a-hammock-in-the-sunshine-or-curled-up-by-a-fire-in-the-fireplace-sipping-hot-chocolate” time.  Whew!

Most families have a number of science books around the house that they have been meaning to read, but never had the time.  Here’s a great opportunity to do that!

We also give you an extensive list of Reading Options and Plans.  You may purchase one or the books or magazines that we recommend very inexpensively.

We have many more very fascinating and fun CWS Core & Bio/Chem/Physics (BCP) Courses coming soon – along with an exciting NEW ADDITION – The Wonders Track (a face-to-face learning adventure for the entire family!)

Our desire is to launch all that is needed for a full K-12 science education. 

Stay Tuned!

Absolutely! A student may retake a quiz at anytime. However, only their most recent score will show.

Send us an email at: contact@crosswiredscience.comWe can’t wait to connect!

What Does a Student Do For Each Global Topic?

There are several routes a student can go.  For instance, a student could do 8 days of experiments or one or two.  The following is a list of the CWS activities for one Global Topic and the times we suggest along with a maximum number of days.  CWS is built for incredible flexibility and meant to give enormous time to delight-based personalized learning and the use of others’ resources.

Each class session is 45-60 minutes.



(Leisurely or Loaded)
2Core Videos4
2Core Videos Fill in the Blank Sheets4
1Field Trips2 - Sky's the limit!
2Experiments8 - For a Budding Edison!
1Collection (1+/Topic)2
2Digging Deepers & Gold Digs5
1Research2 - Sky's the limit!
1Reinforcement2 - Sky's the limit!
2General Links4
1Unit Links2
2U-Choose4 - Sky's the limit!
1Devotionals + Verse Memory2
4Books4+ Sky's the limit!
22 DaysTotals43 Days


Each subscription is given access to two different levels of curriculum,  “First Timers” and “Second Timers”, as we’ve mentioned. Both go into great detail in “Deep Science” but “First Timers is a little more leisurely.  Let’s look at this more.

There are two levels of Core Video questions and two levels both of content and questions in the Digging Deepers of Sound and the Gold Digs of Fluid Dynamics.  The first is called “First Timers” and the second is called “Second Timers”.  These are meant the first time through and the second time through, respectively. A student may do the “First Timer” and want even more of a challenge and opt to also do the “Second Timers.” The student can also opt to do the “Second Timers” only.

If a student opts to do both “First and Second Timers,” this will increase the work for each Global Topic by 4-10 days.

Ordering Questions

You can register for the free Sample lesson here.

Please note, you’ll need to register for this course manually with each account that you would like to have access to it. There is no group registration for the Sample Lesson at this time.

When you purchase one subscription to CWS, you will register an account for the student and the teacher.  Each will have their own account. 

The student account will have a name and an email and a password. The student will have access to all the teaching material on the site and be able to view their own grades.

The teacher-admin account will need its own email and password.  This user will have access to various things like an answer key to the worksheets and the Experiment questions, grades for the students, direct access to embedded Links, and general admin information.  The students do not have access to this account.  It is password-protected.

When more than one subscription is needed for an admin account (A parent or a teacher), additional seats may be purchased.  Each seat will be under the same admin account.  Extra seats must be secured at the time of purchasing your subscription.  Otherwise you will need to buy another “first seat “ and then each extra seat

You may purchase access to this website for one student or for as many students as you desire in the event of using CWS for more than one sibling or for using it for a class or a school.

No, not at this time.  Please look at all the materials we give you on the site to help you understand the program including the Sample Lesson and read many reviews on the program before making your purchase.  Once you are in, you are in for good.  There are no refunds.  Sorry.  (But, we hope you’ll love everything!)

Yes.  Our NEW Wonders Park contains supplies for over 100 experiments and activities. Purchase here.

For Purchases Under 100 Students

If your school wants to purchase less than 100 subscriptions, just sign on as a family would for each individual class. You will have to pay for one subscription at the normal price  and every other one is the current “additional student” price.

This allows you to have one administrator account for the group. If you have, for instance, 3 classes of 30, you would have 3 admin accounts and each would have a group of 30 students under each teacher.

For Purchases Over 100 Students

Contact us by email for a group discount.

Affiliate Questions

Yes.  If you would like to help us spread the incredible news of God’s beauty, intelligence love and power, we’d LOVE to join hands with you.  We deeply want to bring the Lord’s blessing in his Creation in additional ways to as many people as possible.   

One of our great hopes is to give beloved godly families additional streams of income in several different ways.  We know it can be a great blessing from the Lord for both the giver and the receiver.

In our affiliate program, our affiliates are given a code that they can give to friends or post on social media.  The code gives the friend a nice discount on the program and also gives a gift to the affiliate.  The codes are entered into our data bases and you are sent your gift from the Lord once a month through a PayPal payment.

Please send us your email information and we will send you directions of how to become an affiliate.  Email us at Or, you can go to the bottom of the website where it says “Affiliate Registration” and follow the directions there or simply click on the “Affiliate Button“ on the home page.

That’s it for now! 

We would love to have you join the CWS family!

We hope CWS proves to be a powerful blessing from the Lord to you!



Don & Renita

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