Wonders Activity Pak

All Ages



A Whole New Way to Do Science Together!




Grades K-8th

Crosswired Science Core Curriculum


God-Centered Science Curriculum for all Ages!



  • 1 year of access to all 16 Global Topics (Core 1, Core 2 & Core 3)
  • Online videos with auto-graded quizzes
  • Printable Student Modules
  • Hands-on Experiments
  • Hundreds of Science Devotionals
  • God-glorifying deep science
  • Coordinates with CWS Bio/Chem/Physics (BCP) program
  • $10 for every additional student

The whole family can learn together!


$10.00 / Each Additional Student!




All Ages

Experiments 1


Each Wonders Activity Pak contains supplies and materials for over 100 face-to-face experiments and activities designed for all ages!


  • Supplies and detailed instructions for over 100 experiments and activities
  • Over 300 pages of read-aloud instructions and fun-filled videos that emphasize God’s Wonders
  • PLUS, a 1- year subscription to the online CWS Wonders Track &  1-year subscription to CWS Core (K-8) Curriculum 

The goal is to open the entire family’s heart and mind to God’s Wonders like never before!

$10.00 / Each Additional Student!




Grades 9-12th


BUNDLE: CWS Core Science Curriculum + Bio/Chem/Physics (BCP) 

    • 1 year of access to CWS Core + 1 year access to Bio/Chem/Physics (BCP)  Course of your choice.
    • Earns 1 full high school credit each year, including labs & experiments
    • Self-Paced
    • Great for Co-ops
    • Students explore 10 different sections within each module.

$10.00 / Each Additional Student!

Sample videos from our lessons

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For Your K-8th Grade Students

For Your High School Students


An Amazing Year of Science or a great addition to any science program!
$ 129
95 / first student
  • 1 year access to CWS Core Curriculum (K-12th)
  • 180 Fascinating Lessons
  • 200+ Exciting Experiments
  • 100+ Website-autograded quizzes
  • Printable Student Modules
  • 300+ fascinating video links
  • Access to Core 1, Core 2 & Core 3 included
  • Only $10.00 each additional student


CWS Core Curriculum + BCP Bundle
$ 154
95 / first student
  • 1 year access to CWS Core + BCP Curriculum
  • Full 1 year credit with experiments & labs
  • 180 Fascinating Lessons
  • 200+ Exciting Experiments
  • 100+ Website-autograded quizzes
  • 300+ Pages of Printable Student Modules
  • 300+ fascinating video links
  • Only $10.00 each additional student









Printable Pages

Innovative New Way To Do Science

Showing The Glory Of God Through The Things He Has Made

Our desire is to share our excitement about what God has done in His creation with young people and their families across the world. We create a framework of powerful science knowledge and experiences that will give students an appreciation of all God has created.

Along the journey, we introduce families to great works of science and introduce students to hundreds of Scriptures related to His Creation. Our goal is for young people to deeply understand that the Creator is the inspired source of Truth and the Savior of mankind, through His son Jesus.

Thank you for creating a science program my children BEG to do everyday

Shhh… Don’t tell them it’s really learning, they’re having so much fun!  CrossWired is much more engaging than simply reading about science. My kiddos love the videos and experiments and I love that the prep work and grading are done for me.  Best of all, the whole family is enjoying it together!

Renita Bentz


Homeschool mom of 8

I’ve taught science for 12+ years and this is a FANTASTIC curriculum!!!!

 I am so incredibly impressed by your curriculum.  It’s truly my dream come true. Your integration of various topics, subject matters, learning styles/formats, and materials is something I’ve wanted to do for so long. You have done it seamlessly!!!!! I am blown away and so very grateful for the way you are an answer to prayer!

Nichole Ball


There’s nothing better than watching your children’s eyes light up with wonder…

Like any parent, I want what’s best for my children – and CrossWired Science is the best. My children now grasp deep science concepts well beyond their grade level and they are developing a love for science that I’m convinced will carry them through their education and their lives. There’s nothing better than watching your children’s eyes light up in awe and wonder, knowing that they’re learning alongside some of the greatest science minds in the world. I have CrossWired Science to thank for that!

Anique Mautner


M.S. Oxford

CrossWired Science far exceeded my expectations

Have you ever been surprised by something you were expecting to be good, but the reality far exceeded your expectations? That was my experience recently when I received the materials from Cross­Wired Science. I was expecting something good. But what I experienced left me saying, “Oh wow, this is GOOD!​

Frank Lewis


founder of Homeschool Enrichment magazine


A full year of fascinating, God Glorifying Core Science Curriculum or use as a great supplement. More additions being added all the time!
$ 129
95 PerYear
  • 1 year of CWS
  • $10 for every additional student
  • Engaging Online videos
  • Great Hands-on Experiments
  • Printable Science Notebooks
  • God-glorifying Deep Science

Need some more information about CrossWired Science? 

Joining Our Team

Our prayer is that God would raise up a team of people to help many understand the beauty, glory, power, love and intelligence of God through His Word and His Creation. 

Our vision, hope and prayer is to upgrade all we are doing to what we call Phase 2 and 3.  With these our prayer is to be able to reach as many children and parents as we can, in as many nations as the Lord gives us, in as many languages as possible. (For this we will soon be launching also a mirrored “public site” that can be used in public classrooms.)

If you’d like to consider joining with us in this endeavor, please email us at

CrossWired Core Science Curriculum

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics



Electrons & Electricity


Acids & Bases

Acids and Bases



Heat & Cold












UV Light

Ultraviolet Light

Grades K-12

Captivate your students’ interest with CrossWired Science!   

The Wonders Activity Pak (all ages)

CWS Core (K-8) 

 Bio/Chem/Physics (9-12) 

Our 3 levels are an innovative new way to study science utilizing a fresh integrated approach that organizes learning around our Global Topics with our self-paced, easy-to-use Student Modules.  


The engaging and interactive online content combined with suggested reading and fun hands-on experiments makes learning science an unforgettable adventure for the whole family!

A Great Way to Learn Together

CWS brings families together for an incredible year of seeing the glory of God through what He has made!


Choose from 3 different levels:

  • The Wonders Track
  • CWS Core (K-8th)  
  • Bio/Chem/Physics (9-12th)

The entire family can learn together – Each level offers a full year of exciting discoveries!

Good For Any Age Student

CrossWired Science has multiple levels for students from kindergarten through High School.  It is a great thing to introduce young children to “deep God-honoring Science” at the earliest ages.  It’s also a great thing to bring in powerful science  that points to the Lord as students finish their high school years.  CWS is geared to put the whole family on the “same science page”!

Innovative Approach

CrossWired Science offers an innovative new approach to learning science.  We introduce God’s Wonders and bring fascinating concepts from the world around us to life to get students engaged, thinking, and learning! 

Principles and Applications

The profound power of deep science on young people

Can science for kids spark a profound sense of delight? Don Miller makes an appealing (and highly entertaining) case that challenges assumptions about how children absorb and retain science concepts.

An Introduction to CrossWired Science



(Grads K-8th​)


"A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest."

We believe this applies to science instruction, also.  Therefore all we produce for “young-ers,” needs to be a blessing to “old-ers” and their parents, too.  In seeking this goal, the Lord has helped us in our pursuit of a  program that is glorifying to Him and gets the entire family learning together.

  • Multi-­leveled for children of many different ages in a family.
  • Self-­paced with optional enrichment material and activities.
  • Progress is tested and graded for parents’ review.
  • CWS is inexpensive for primary and additional family members.
  • Every experiment works well, integrates into the whole and connects to fascinating concepts.
  • Many experiments are built for intriguing multiple exposures as the students grow older.
  • Isolates the precious from the worthless in endless scientific information –Jeremiah 15:19.
  • Allows for great creativity in approaches. 
  • Is completely adaptable for each family’s unique time schedules.
  • Emphasizes the most God-glorifying and important aspects of Science.
  • Contains fascinating hands-­on experiments, activities and collections.
  • Trains the eye to see the vast beauty God has built into the world.
  • Prepares for careers involving science.
  • Significantly integrates computers, science and the real world.
  • Builds life-time interest in all aspects of God’s Creation.
  • Gives exposure to hundreds of invaluable resources.
  • Continually reinforces and builds for life-long retention using the power of the computer, woven concepts, and delight-based exploration.
  • Integrates the wonders of Creation and the power of Scripture to build the family’s love of God and a deep awareness of His love, beauty, power and intelligence.
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