Wonders Activity Pak 1

$279.95 for 1 year / Student

Each Wonders Activity Pak contains supplies and materials for over 100 face-to-face experiments and activities designed for all ages!


  • Supplies and detailed instructions for over 100 experiments and activities
  • Over 300 pages of read-aloud instructions and fun-filled videos that emphasize God’s Wonders
  • PLUS, a 1- year subscription to the online CWS Wonders Track & a 1-year subscription to CWS Core (K-8) Curriculum 

The Wonders Pak is unlike any other experiment kit. Our theme is “Face-to-Face”. We are bringing families together to learn the informative, encouraging, and faith-building lessons for living the Christian life.


Supplies included in the WONDERS ACTIVITY PAK  (some modules only require commonly available items)

Module 1 

Diffraction: Diffraction grating glasses and peephole, CD, board, mirror, 7 white pipe cleaners, magnet strip

Capillary Action & Sharpie Art: Wax paper, pipettes (4), sharpie cloth, big rubber band

Fascinating Magnets: Buzz magnets

Elegant Antlers: Antler chip

Density, Neutral Buoyancy, & More: Clear plastic cup

Module 2 

Big Moon: Board, moon stickers, glow powder (use 1/3 – also used in Modules 5 & 6), string 

Everyday Leaves: 

Microwaves, Protons & Their Buddies:

Mighty Starfish: Small starfish

Mini Shells: Mini shells, shell bottle with cork

See-Thru Polymers & Refraction: Clear plastic cup, plastic box with cover, clear polymer spheres (orbees), plastic insert 

Module 3 

Amazing Balance: Block of wood, large nail, 10+ smaller nails, 

Deserts & Strange Wood: Cholla wood

Lizards, Polarity & More: Paperclip

Ring & Chain: Metal ring, chain

Flight, Foils & Angles of Attack: Straw, propellor, light flyer and launcher

Module 4 

Capillary Action & TP Splatt: Viz-a-viz marker, coffee filter

Flat Layer Fun: Colored polymer spheres, flat-bottom test tube, sandstone, rock candy

Flying Things & Aerodynamics: Paper clip with NO ribs, Alia-seltzer, film canister with lid, 

Ingenious Ingenuity & Microbubbles: Bubble cup (It is a stiff cup with a hole in the bottom), washcloth, large rubber band 

Super Duper Sliming: 

Module 5 

Bioluminescence & Lava Lamp: Plastic test tube, UV light, Alka-Selzer, glow powder (use 1/3 – also used in Modules 2 & 6), Pop rocks

Coffee, Sweets & Smells & Tastes: Artificial sweetener pack

Great Flower Hunt:

Invisible UV: Yellow highlighter pen, UV beads, string, UV light

Mighty Feathers 1: Feathers

Module 6 

Cartesian Riddle: Pipette, nut, pom-pom, googly eye, Bottle with white cap, 

Glowing Eggs: Super thumb tack,  glow powder (use 1/3 – also used in Modules 2 & 5)

White as Snow: Instant snow powder, 

Wild Eggs:

Module 7 

Burning Metal: Fine & Coarse steel wool 

People Muscles & Amazing Meat:

Seed Secrets: Seeds: Bean, Nasturtium, Watermelon, Alfalfa, clear plastic cup

Super Rock Board: Cedar board, string, Super Rock board label, chalcopyrite, tiger’s eye, pyrite, fire quartz

Module 8

All from Energy – Botany, Too:

Balance Bird: Balance bird & base

Bee Wise: Bees wax, wick

Electrons & Electricity: Christmas lights,

Shell Beauty: Shell collection

Module 9 

Acids & Bases – Blood Paper: yellow-orange goldenrod colored paper

Pinecones!: Pinecone collection

Cabbage Juice & its Anthocyanin Buddies: 

Bernoulli’s Principle & Hummer Hunters: Wind bag, ping pong ball

Pressure – Good & Bad!: Marshmallow gun parts and barrel

Butter & Ice Cream: 

Module 10 

Buzz Tube: Electric tube

Rattlesnake Eggs: Rattlesnake eggs

Teeth & Bones: Tooth necklace

Testing for Chlorophyll & Its Buddies: 

Static Electricity: Plastic bottle with black lid, colored styro-beads 

Module 11 

Snazzy Fur: Deer fur

Polymers – Big & Small: Mixed bag of polymers, 

Vortices & Tornado Tube: Tornado tube connector, 2 large bottles, 

Bark Hunt:

Water Repellency & One Very Clever Beetle: Wax paper, hydrophobic sand, candle 

Module 12 

Salt, Ice & Heat: Himalayan salt rock

Heat & Insulation: White sock, balloon

A Snazzy Shooter Crazy Sugar & Its Products: Syringe, black straws, playdoh, 

Pumice: Pumice

Sound: Clear cup, large paperclip, string, thick rubber bands, thin rubber bands, popsicle sticks, 2 straw pieces

The goal is to open the entire family’s heart and mind to God’s Wonders like never before!

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