Wonders Activity Pak 1

$249.95 for 1 year / Student

Each Wonders Activity Pak contains supplies and materials for over 100 face-to-face experiments and activities designed for all ages!


  • Supplies and detailed instructions for over 100 experiments and activities
  • Over 300 pages of read-aloud instructions and fun-filled videos that emphasize God’s Wonders
  • PLUS, a 1- year subscription to the online CWS Wonders Track & a 1-year subscription to CWS Core (K-8) Curriculum 

The Wonders Pak is unlike any other experiment kit. Our theme is “Face-to-Face”. We are bringing families together to learn the informative, encouraging, and faith-building lessons for living the Christian life.

The goal is to open the entire family’s heart and mind to God’s Wonders like never before!

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