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Affiliate General Information


Any URL generated using the “Affiliate URLs” tab on this page will place a cookie on the browser of anyone who uses that URL to access The cookie will last for 90 days or until the browser’s cookies are cleared. If a visitor makes a purchase within 90 days of using your link to visit, your account will be credited for the sale.


We’ve generated a unique coupon for you to share. It will take $5.00 off of any order. This coupon will credit you with a sale every time it’s used, regardless of whether or not the individual making a purchase has a cookie on their browser. This means that if you share your coupon in an email, and your email is forwarded to someone you don’t know, who then uses your coupon to make a purchase, you’ll receive credit for the sale.

You can find your coupon in the “Coupons” tab above (look under the “coupon code” column).

Commission Rates​

For every sale credited to your account (sales either tracked by cookie, coupon, or both) you will earn a $5 commission.


A payout will be triggered during the first 10 days of every month if your account has accumulated at least $30 in sales. Based on the information you’ve provided us, this payout will either go directly to your PayPal account, or be sent to you by mail as a check.

Terms of participation

By participating in the CWS affiliate program, you aggree to abide by our Affiliate Program Terms of Use.

You can review our terms here.

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