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Thank you for desiring to be an affiliate!  We are both honored and blessed to work with you.

Our prayer is that the Lord will use the wonders of what He has made to greatly encourage and bless believers and strengthen their faith and to help those who don’t yet know Him to see a great light!

That many may know! 
Don and the CWS Team

“I will set a sign among them …. to the distant coastlands that have neither heard My fame nor seen My glory. And they will declare My glory among the nations.”  Isaiah 66:1

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Affiliate Gift

The code you will receive will take $5 off the order of the subscriber and it will also give you a $5 affiliate gift and a “tiered gift” with those who sign up under you (see below.)   These gifts will be sent to a PayPal account of yours every month during the first ten days of the month when you reach a $30 gift or more.

Raising Up A Team

Our prayer is that God would raise up a team of people to help many understand the beauty, glory, power, love and intelligence of God through His Word and His Creation.  Our vision, hope and prayer is to upgrade all we are doing to what we call Phase 2 and 3 and reach as many children and parents as possible in as many nations as possible in as many languages as possible. (We will soon be launching a mirrored “public site” that can be used in public classrooms.)


We know we need a large team to do this effectively and people need to be able to support their own families to put time in here.  For this reason we are trying to put as much possible into each “project” and make each very affordable so every “Project”  will be highly desirable to families. Our prayer is that this would help both the families involved and our co-workers.

For this reason, we have also added a tiered system to the “gifts” (from the Lord).  If someone you sign up signs up others, then you receive $2 for each. If someone they sign up signs up someone, you receive $1 for each.  Our hope is to raise up significant passive income for beloved families by doing this to increase their ability to work for the Lord.

PayPal Or Check

If you desire a check rather than a PayPal transfer, we will be mailing these out every third month:  January, April, July and October. (“Check Address” above is the address to mail these to.  Fill in either PayPal info or Check Address for your method of payment.)

More “Projects”

As we release more 2-Global Topic “Projects” like the current CWS website, your code will also be able to be used for sign-ups with these new projects.  (Our plan is to make signups to other “Projects” linked forever to the initial contact person.  This way we will be able to extend an automatic $5 discount to the subscriber and credit the affiliate gift to the initial contact person. There are 14 “Projects” altogether.  These will be released as we feel the Lord leading us to do so.)

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