Why We Do What We Do

Thank you so much for the time you are taking to check us out.  It’s both a great privilege and an honor to us.

This is, by intent, a little long. We knew that some folks would look us over and wonder, “Why in the world are they doing this?” We wanted to help explain a bunch of that in this section.  “There’s a reason for our madness” as they say.  But to really see what’s going on, you need to understand more of the whole picture we are dealing with.

We’re going a bit out of the box with both what we chose to teach and also how we chose to teach it.  The “Education Why’s?” behind it are very important to us.  Please know, though,  that we’re hungry to learn.

We’re wading in new territory in many ways.  Every day we’re learning new things.  If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear.  Change will come slow…our boat is quite large…(There is a LOT more than you see on this site), but we want to keep reaching for the highest we can to both please the Lord and bless others.

We wanted you to know, too, that we have quite a bucket list already of things we want to change on the site and add to it.  Our prayer “hopper” has lots in it and is growing every day. The great ideas keep coming!  And we’re so grateful.

So thanks for taking the time to look this over! 

We’re so grateful for you and much desire to meet you face-to-face.

Wanting to let others know about His beauty, love, tenderness, intelligence and power,

Don and the CWS team

PS:  Our goal is to help many young people and many parents here in our country and in many nations to see the glory of the Lord. The wonderfulness of God is clearly seen the more a person knows about what He has done. (Romans 1:20) 

We deeply want others to know much more than they do.  We tremendously desire to reach those who do not yet know Him, those whom Isaiah 43:7 speaks of: “Everyone who is created for My glory.”

We know that is a big goal.  We have to try.  We need help.

If you like where we’re headed, please team with us through our affiliate program.  Our affiliates are people joining with us to make this happen both here and abroad, to believers and unbelievers.  The more believers know, the more they can share with others.

Our affiliate group is to us is a team of beloved people with a heart to want Him be known through the things He has made.  There are financial perks, yes, because we all need to provide for our families and doing what we deeply desire to do will take time.  

If you want to know more, email us  at affiliate@crosswiredscience.com.

Any Train

They say, “If you don’ know where you are going, any train will get you there.” We have very specific goals motivating the education decisions at CWS.  Some might surprise you. Remember as you are going through our list, that we are not studying a subject in school called science. We are studying true Science, the very carefully thought-out handiwork of the Almighty God.

To understand all the things we are doing, you have to know our thoughts about education—what should be taught and how can it be taught.  But it’s also lightyears more than that.  It will be enormously helpful to also understand our multi-sided long-term goals in what we are doing. There are also five “Ed Keys” which list a few of the many things we have found helpful in educating kids of all ages.

We’ll share these, then in the final section of this article, we’ll integrate the Goals and the Ed Keys and look at why we have the different lessons in each “Global Topic”. and why we are doing each the way that we are.

So, again, thank you for taking the time to look this over.  It means a whole lot to us!

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