Our Vision

Non Profit:

Making Video Shorts in Many Languages

We are planning to to start a 501-c3 non-profit corporation for the express purpose of making 2-5 minute video shorts that will be given away on YouTube in multiple languages for any family or teacher to use or download.  Our intent is to produce stunning shorts that show the beauty and glory of the Lord in what He has made in a quality and depth that would command attention worldwide.

We desire to have recorded views in the millions.  And this is not counting the numbers of students who would be reached worldwide as teachers share them in their classrooms.

We desire to complete the comprehensive science foundation for CrossWired science.  These video shorts would not be comprehensive like CWS.  They would be single “stand-alone” videos.  These would be much higher quality than those we use in CWS.

Millions in Classrooms

The goal in this effort is to reach millions in classrooms with many short videos over years of time for no cost.  We will do this in a way that would slowly lay a foundation for seeing the Lord’s power, love. intelligence and beauty through what He has made.  However, nothing of the Lord would be mentioned in these videos. These would just present the amazing Science in what He has created.

We will film on location in the US and sometimes in different places around the world.  We will also film in green screen studios.  Our plan is to use young adult teams and some children and “olders” here and there, also. These “live segments” would be permeated with stunning animations geared for students of all ages.  The information would also be significant for people of any age out of school.  Again, our goal is to reach into homes and schools around the world with translations in many languages.

Our first goal is to raise $250,000 for the production of 5-10 videos dealing with some of the most profound material we know.

Young Children

In addition to these shorts, we desire to do something very unique for children 3-7.  We would like to also release these for free on Youtube.

Our dream is to purchase Veggie Tales and produce some incredibly fun and academically powerful material for younger children.  Powerful animations would be integrated with Live “on-location” shots.  Brave Wilderness, the Youtube channel with 12 million subscribers, has formats we’d also love to add to these short presentations for younger children.

We love Veggie Tales and greatly value the fact that any material tied to these animated characters is connected to so many previously made creative videos with powerful messages for families.

Our great desires in this is to join hands with millions of young parents around the world for the glory of the Lord.

TV Specials

We have plans to do 30 minute TV specials for the Christian and General public. This is yet another venue to reach more people.

Jonathan Parks Style Audio Dramas

Working together with others, we would love to produce very inexpensive or free audio dramas like the series “Jonathan Parks” or like some “Odysseys” showing the “glory of the Lord through what he has made.  We have talked with the creators of audio dramas about joint ventures.  These would involve adventures diving into the incredible intricacies in what God has made.  One idea we have is to leap-frog onto the old story line of the antiquated movie “Incredible Journey”.  We’d do this in a family-friendly format like the two audio adventures we love.

Our prayer to make these available for free to children in many nations in their native languages.

CWS Business:

Becoming Part of the Company

CrossWired Science is a business meant to support those who work for it both in the home office and as affiliates and representatives.  CWS is also our intent to generate money to give to Christian ministries around the world.

CWS has released its first project, the website CrossWired Science, in a Phase 1 format.  We are wanting to take it and all future projects to Level 2 and 3.  Both of these are significantly higher in quality.

CWS is aiming to reach both Christian audiences and the also the General Public with two different venues of websites.  Our first Christian site is now up–CrossWired Science.  Our first Public site may be open as soon as July 1.  We are still praying about the timing of this.  We can have it up in one week.

We are opening up part ownership of the CrossWired Science company.  $5000 will buy 1/2% of the company.  We will be offering only 10% of the company to investors. Profits will be shared with the investors for a long as they share ownership in CWS. This offer will close sometime within the year.

Different Tiered “Gift” Structure For the Public Sites

Our Public “Projects “will sell for $34.95. (A project is like the CWS site we now have up.)  The tiered affiliate structure for the first Public Website will be $7/$3/$2.  For the direct sales a coworker makes of the public site, there is a gift of $7.  For those who bring reps to us who sell CWS,  the coworker bringing in the one who sells to others will receive $3 for each “second tier sale”. The third tier will give a gift of $2.  The “public  code” will give subscribers a $5 discount for using it.

Our first goal is to reach as many people as possible. It is our hope and prayer that these tiered structures will free up people’s time to reach more people.

We’re not certain what our overhead will be as we expand, so the Tiered structure for subsequent “Projects” may be altered slightly.

Our plan it to release 14 more “Projects” for both the Christian and Public venues. We have 6 more nearly done and have roughed out most of the others.  Our plan is to unite the Introducer and his or her subscribers “forever” so gifts will transfer though each purchase “downline”.

We, however can offer no guarantees of when subsequent projects will come out.  We have to leave this in the Lord’s hands.

Email us at affiliates@crosswiredscience.com if you are interested in any of these ways of co-laboring with us.

We’d Love to…

This is the bare bones of our vision.  We’d treasure the privilege of having you team with us!  There is nothing quite as sweet as working together with others and the Lord to make Him known!

The CWS Team

“I will set a sign among them… to the distant coastlands that have neither heard My fame nor seen My glory. And they will declare My glory among the nations.”
Isaiah 66:19

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