Beauty from Chaos

Don Miller | November 2020

I have to pause for a few minutes and remember and think.


It’s quite wild that Renita and I experienced such amazing and miraculous beauty at this time. It was amazing in its beauty in every way. It was miraculous in that alterations kept happening….things that we were powerless to orchestrate ourselves.


We were given a beautiful lodge room in Yosemite Lodge (complete with a fan!) instead of a dismal cabin I mistakenly reserved…We were given– as an un-asked-for gift–the best place at the breathtakingly beautiful Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite to eat our prime rib when the restaurant was closed. It was probably one of the prettiest places in the world to eat dinner together.


We got out of our very miserable pre-reserved “cabin” at Lake Tahoe with no fee and miraculously landed in the extraordinary Fireside Inn, complete with wonderful-plus weather, a spectacular sunset Tahoe bike ride, a beyond-belief room and an amazingly sweet patio to read together and to share the Lord in…


We “just happened” to be at Tahoe at the exact same time as my brother and his wife, Ken and Jen, and were sooo blessed by their company and a really wonderful dinner in a really wonderful place…


We got switched by supernatural guidance and got never-before beautiful lodge-room openings at Hume Lake for a wedding that was a treasure of treasures, complete with amazingly sweet friends who miraculously were able to come from different parts of the country with VERY short notice.  A number of people said it was the prettiest place they’d ever been and a wedding they’d never forget…What a gift to be able to bless others so greatly on our wedding days!


Our wedding spot at Hume and the “reception area” were nothing short of miraculous (They were never before available)… As was the weather and near smokeless-ness in the midst of the worst wildfires across the state in recorded history…


We miraculously got the very pastor who married my dad at Yosemite Chapel to “officially” marry us a second time there in Yosemite Valley right near the Chapel where we felt the Lord was saying we would be married months before. We also received it at a fraction of the cost, complete with pictures and lots of sweet fellowship, prayer and laughter together… and a very special friendship with that pastor…


And there is sooo much more.


Through fire, plague and drought, we experienced the lovingkindness of God in ways so powerful that we were–and are– stunned.


I remember how three weeks before I met Renita (That, too, ridiculously miraculous), I gave up the hope of ever experiencing Jacob’s reaction in scripture where the greatest thing he could ever imagine happened. Joseph, his beloved son, was not only alive, but also ruler over the known world–and he would not only see him, but also live with him and his family the rest of his life.

The Bible says, “Jacob was stunned.”–Genesis 45:26. And, though I gave up hope of anything wonderful again, God brought the reality of this verse back with goodness so great that it completely stunned both Renita and I–overflowing to the extreme. 


“Life is full of wonder”…and surprises…We got that phrase in person on a log in the mountain town of Idyllwild…shortly after Renita received the word “Wonder” from the Lord for our year. And, to top it off, we were also greeted by billboards leaving Palm Springs with the word WONDER in 10-foot tall letters as we headed back from that trip.


No word more characterizes this year for us than this very word WONDER…God performed wonder after wonder of extraordinary beauty as we walked into what He had for us. It was–and is– the most astonishing journey either of us have ever taken.


It’s so deeply given as a gift by the Lord of Wonder. We could have never orchestrated it ourselves.


Isaiah 25:1 perfectly expresses our hearts: “Oh Lord, you are my God, I will exalt you, I will give thanks to Your name, for You have worked wonders, PLANS FORMED LONG AGO IN PERFECT FAITHFULNESS.”


I knew this verse and thought of this verse perhaps 10,000 times in my difficulty. It was an anchor of hope for me. It happened…BUT the wonders and the sweetness were more than I ever could imagine.


God of Wonder…move again and again.


©Don Miller 2020

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