Negative Thoughts

By Don Miller | June 4, 2019

Situations can seem more negative than they really are. Our actual position can be stripped of strengths and sure opportunities in our mind’s eye. God’s certain future help and guidance can be completely voided from our thoughts. Things can wrongly become pretty dark and discouraging.


If you’re in that place, remember the God who created the dolphins and the eagles. Remember His unending love for you in His journey through the cross. Remember His resurrection and promise of a new heavens and new earth! Remember that He will bring you gladly into His own kingdom and that you will stand before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy!


Think upon these things that are true (Philippians 4:8). Then correctly weigh your strengths and God’s previous guidance and help. Remember He promises to help further. “Do not fear. I WILL help you!”—Isaiah 41:14. The ”I” speaking this to you is the One in whom you live and move and have your being.


David probably remembered the Lord and His work in his life during his darkest hour at Ziglag when the city was burnt and all the wives and children were taken (1 Samuel 30). He encouraged himself in the Lord. Perhaps he next sized up the invading band by their scuff marks. Perhaps he could tell the direction they went. David, no doubt, then remembered God’s previous help. 


Finally he got the word: PURSUE.


This became the place of God’s greatest rising for David. It was from an impossible place. He went from scouting the wilderness for a ruthless marauding band to God’s appointed place for him, the king of Israel. Here he would help many, pen more Scripture and bring the lineage of Christ. By God’s doing, David went from ashes…to extreme beauty!


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