Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (Year 2)

$25.00 / Student / Student

New 3-Year Integrated Biology-Chemistry-Physics Course. Each year is a full 1-Year credit for high school students, including labs. Year 1 is available now. Year 2 will be loaded June 2022.  Every year contains what follows:

  • 180 Fascinating Lessons
  • 200 Experiments to choose from
  • 100+ Website-autograded quizzes
  • 24 printable weekly assignments with multiple sections and video instruction
  • 300 excellent & fascinating video links from scientists around the web.
  • The latest cutting-edge science discoveries.
  • Deep Science that is glorifying to God. It shows the wisdom, power, love, intelligence and beauty of the Lord.
  • 100 devotionals that powerfully bring in the Bible into science as we know it today.
  • A final project of a research based, science-fair style presentation

* Use of this course requires an active subscription to our CWS 1-Year Core Curriculum. If you’re not an active subscriber, you can purchase a subscription bundle from here: CWS YEAR-1 PROGRAM + BIO/CHEM/PHYS



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