Mighty Feathers Printable 1 month


Fluid Dynamics GT Printable 3 months

Fluid Dynamics

Sound GT Printable 3 months


1 month

CWS Year-1 Program + BIO/CHEM/PHYS

$124.95 / Student

$10.00 / year for Each additional student

BUNDLE: CWS Core Science curriculum + Biology, Chemistry, Physics 101/102

  • 1 year of CWS
  • $10 for every additional student
  • Dozens of videos
  • Hundreds of links
  • Fascinating and fun lessons
  • God-glorifying Deep Science

Add the number of students you wish to enroll. You will receive a free administrator account. After you load your number of students, go to the cart and Enter your group name. If you don’t that is ok. You can add students and passwords later.

Select how many students you’d like to enroll, then click add to cart.

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