The Infinite Code

By Don Miller | May 23, 2019

The genetic code of people contains roughly 30,000 protein-coding regions. How can 30,000 of anything make even a fly, much less a human being?


The code to build you must fit into a cell. If it couldn’t, no person would ever have existed. You would never have been! Everything depends on that code being small enough to fit into a cell.


How can a code too small to see build so many “together withs”?


The complexity of your bones is staggering. Bones contain over 1 million bone tunnels in the space of a BB! In you, these bone tunnels integrate with billions of tubes to bring life to billions of ‘buried-alive’ cells in your bones in a process that enables you to remake bones throughout your life.


Your body has at least 50,000 miles of blood pipes and 50,000 miles of wiring. Add that together with the fact that the brain’s wiring will take more data to decipher than is in the world today. And add that onto the codes for your eye, your mouth, your speech, your singing, your muscle system and all the other systems that must work together, your immune system, your digestive system, your hearing … and much more. And finally the DNA manual built with instructions to repair the body, all 30,000 coding regions! Wow!


How can it possibly work?

God made the code using infinite intellect. It is the ultimate integration of information.

And it works, 



Whether a person, a giant redwood, a rose, bat, ladybug, dolphin, horse, or a blue whale. All–and so much more—gifts of His love. How can we not want to live with God and for Him?


“Worthy are You, our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and because of Your will they existed, and were created.”–Revelations 3:11


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