Precise Sonar Blasts

By Don Miller | May 26, 2019

Twenty million bats live in the Bracken Cave of San Antonio, Texas. The bats fly at high speeds in erratic paths in completely dark caverns with hundreds of thousands of other bats in flight.  How can they not crash into each other or the walls of the caverns?


God has equipped them with the ability to distinguish which returning sonar blasts are theirs in just a few millionths of a second. What’s beyond incredible is this: even if a sonar blast they emit is vibrating 120,000 times a second, they can tell it differs from the vibration rate of another one hitting their ears that is just 1/10th of a vibration more!


Their high-frequency chirps return by their echoes at 600 times per second. Yet, bats can distinguish their echoes perfectly from millions of other bats and are able to process the information and change course in a few thousandths of a second! This is why there aren’t collisions in the crowded cave passageways.


God knows how to meet the greatest of needs with just the solutions needed regardless of how difficult the need. This is one reason why you can trust scripture when it says, “Great is the Lord and abundant in power. His understanding is infinite.”–Psalms 147:5.


Trust His might and intelligence this new day. God knows every part of His course for you and He will make sure each happens…exactly when it needs to happen.


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